Book hunting in Lisbon

Book hunting in LisbonPhoto © DR/Público

When you were a kid you probably went on a treasure hunt. Or at least dreamt about it.

Until the 15th of September you will be given another chance but this time instead of hunting for jewels, precious metals or gems you will be able to go hunting for… books.

There are dozens of books waiting to be found almost everywhere around Arroios area, namely Saldanha, Penha de França and Estefânia. On a park bench, on a terrace, on the street. Just keep your eyes open.

Everyday municipal workers of São Lázaro’s Library go out and about with a bag of books and carefully place them in unexpected locations. And all they ask in return is for you to pay them a visit at the library, located in Rua do Saco.

São Lázaro’s Library is the oldest library in Lisbon. It has a gorgeous main salon, with walls made of wood and a brilliant chandelier hanging from the celling so even if you don’t find one of the books just go ahead and visit it. You won’t regret it.

São Lázaro's Library
Photo © Agenda LX

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