Give your coat a new life by helping someone

Helping people to keep warm in Lisbon

Do you have jackets, sweaters or warm coats you don’t need anymore?

You can now pass them on to someone else who might really appreciate it.

Tomorrow afternoon just drop by Avenida da Liberdade where you will find a giant rope line hanging along the avenue. Then it is really simple, just hang the coat, jacket or sweater on the line, alongside with a tag that indicates that whoever is in need of a warm piece of clothing, but can’t afford it, just can take that garment with them.

The event is called “The warmest line, Lisbon”, will happen from 13:00 until midnight and was born from the mind of a young woman named Sílvia Lopes, that founded the Heat the street – streetwear your jacket movement with the goal of getting the heat out there.

This is the second year that this kind of event takes place, this time with the support of Santo António parish council.


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