My Lisbon

View over LisbonPhoto © Neighbourly Lisbon

One of the best ways of discovering a place is through the eyes of a local.

They can give a personal and unique perspective that you probably wouldn’t find out if you were following some guide or book, or even if you were exploring by yourself.

With this in mind, we are soon starting a series of articles entitled “My Lisbon” and we are very excited about it!

The idea is simple: we invite a “lisboeta” (or lisboner) to show us their Lisbon, those places that they love and that they share with their friends from out of town when they first visit this beautiful city.

Every article will be signed by a different lisboner. Some of them are true “lisboetas”, born and raised in Lisbon, others are adopted lisboners, some have been here all theirs lives, others had to move away but still adore the city from afar.

They will all have distinct points of view, interest and backgrounds. The only thing they share is their love for Lisbon and they will share this love with you.

The first article is almost here so stay tuned!

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