Inside Lisbon – Lisboa por dentro

Lisbon City Hall meeting room will be the stage of an interactive theatrical performancePhoto © Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

Over the next month, until April 8, the city invites everyone to visit its most hidden places.

Locations that are usually closed, buildings where outsiders are not allowed, underground treasures, this is a rare occasion when all of them will be open and everybody will be able to go in.

The event is called “Lisboa por dentro” and there’s a lot to choose from: live music in the recently renovated Capitólio Theatre, exclusive tours inside Lisbon’s International Airport, dance gatherings at Santa Clara market, special guided visits to Museu do Aljube, a former dictatorial prison, interactive theatrical performances at Lisbon’s City Hall meeting room and the much anticipated temporary reopening of the underground roman galleries, located beneath Baixa area.

Many of the events are free, or at a symbolic price, and previous reservation may be required.

Also, the number of entrances available is limited so make sure you plan in advance!



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