Plane spotting in Lisbon

Plane spotting belvedere in LisbonPhoto © Lusa

Many of us who grew up in Lisbon a few years ago cherish memories of being a kid and going to see the airplanes with our grandparents.

We would go near the airport and stand there, dreaming of traveling to distant places as the planes took off or about arriving from exciting adventures every time a plane landed.

Pretty soon it will be possible to relive those memories.

There is a new belvedere being constructed in Lisbon, specifically to watch the planes, in Olivais and it will be ready in early 2017.

This plane spotting belvedere will be located in Olivais, at Rua Cidade de Tete, close to Lisbon’s International Airport and the project includes also a kiosk, a terrace and a children’s playground.

This proves that Lisbon is bursting with new projects as well as things to do and that one should definitely explore the city beyond its historical centre.

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