Nonstop festivities – Festas de Lisboa 2017

Festas de Lisboa 2017 - Lisbon festivities take place during the month of JunePhoto © Neighbourly Lisbon


June is that perfect time of the year when Lisbon becomes a gigantic party and everyone is invited.

During a whole month we have the city’s festivities or, as we call it, “Festas de Lisboa”. During this time we celebrate as well the legendary “Santos Populares” (popular saints), being the most famous of them all Santo António (Saint Anthony).

This year, from June 1st until July 1st , there will be music, food, dancing, exhibitions, theater, performances, contests, neighbourhood gatherings, laughs, longer days, warmer nights, fun and, in the end, lots of good memories to share.

Tons of events will take place everyday, a bit everywhere, and there’s no better plan than to not have a plan and just enjoy what the city has to give as it goes. Nevertheless, we will try to highlight some of the best events happing along the way, so stay tuned.

For now let’s just say that if you are in Lisbon clear up your schedule and get ready for some serious fun. If you you are not in town, please get the first plane, train or car as soon as you can and join us!


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