Lisbon’s French Film Festival – Festa do Cinema Francês

Lisbon French Film FestivalPhoto © Festa do Cinema Francês

Early Autumn is french movies time in Lisbon.

The French Film Festival, or Festa do Cinema Francês, starts today and it will go on until October 16th.

As per usual for the last 17 years, for about 10 days lisboners will have the opportunity to catch up on french films recently released, go to some film premieres and even take their kids to the movies and watch some of the finest french animated films.

Also, there will masterclasses, concerts and the Portuguese TV Chanel RTP2 will feature some made in France movies.

Every year the French Film Festival invites a french actor/actress or director to be the festival’s representative and this year’s special guest is the director Anne Fontaine (Coco Avant Chanel director) that will show her most recent work, Agnus Dei, for the first time ever in Portugal.

The grand opening will happen tonight, at Cinema São Jorge at 21h, with the viewing of Cézanne et Moi by Danièle Thompson, that will present her movie in person.

The French Film Festival is organised by the Institut Français du Portugal and after Lisbon the festival will travel across the country heading to 10 different cities, namely Coimbra, Porto, Faro and Beja.


French Film Festival – Festa do Cinema Francês
> 6-16 October
> Cinema São Jorge
> Avenida da Liberdade
> Tickets regular price: 3,50€ Applicable discounts.

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