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Pizza to go in LisbonPhoto © Pizza a Pezzi

Surprisingly enough, before Pizza a Pezzi it was not easy to find a place in Lisbon where you could have true pizza sold by the slice.

There are plenty of good Italian restaurants, where you can seat and have a nice meal, but for those who sometimes look for a place to grab a slice of pizza and eat it on the go, Pizza a Pezzi was sort of a pioneer in Lisbon.

Pizza a Pezzi is a small place with no seats, located between Principe Real and Bairro Alto, which is the perfect location both for those walking around during the day and for those getting ready to go out at night.

The pizzas are tasty, always fresh, and there are dozens of different kinds to choose from, from the classic “Margheritta” to the fancy “Prosciutto e fichi” (smoked ham and figs).

The slices are are sold by the pound so the price can be really friendly.

More recently, Pizza a Pezzi opened another place in Time Out Mercado, at Mercado da Ribeira, Cais do Sodré. The tastiness is still there but pizzas are sold by the slice unit, not by the pound (also, they are a bit more expensive) and you miss out the all experience of grabbing a nice slice and eat it on your way, or to go eat it in Principe Real garden or at São Pedro de Alcântara Viewpoint, if the weather is nice.


Pizza a Pezzi

> Rua D. Pedro V, 84

> Opens Monday – Sunday, 12:00 – 2:00

> Metro: Baixa-Chiado

> Insider tip: for the full Italian experience, order some Nastro Azzurro bier to go along with the pizza slice of your choice.


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