Ice cream for everyone – Artisani

Artisanal ice cream store in LisbonPhoto © Mimoa

Artisani is not just another artisanal ice cream store in Lisbon.

There you will find artisanal ice cream, or gelato, but also delicious sorbets, ice cream cakes, popstickels and gourmet ice cream.

The team tests hundreds of flavors in their kitchens (or “laboratorio di gelato”, as they call it) and only the best ones get the stamp of approval and are sold in one of their stores.

There are a bunch of shops, all in Lisbon or nearby, in Cascais, but our favorite one is located in Avenida Álvares Cabral, close to Jardim da Estrela.

The space is bright and pleasant, with plenty of tables to savor your ice cream at your own pace.

Also, one of the things we like the most about Artisani is that, besides using good ingredients, mainly produced in Portugal, they also care about food intolerances, that are more and more common nowadays.

They have gluten, lactose and sugar free ice creams or sorbets so there is no reason anymore keeping you from tasting a yummy ice cream.



> Avenida Álvares Cabral, nº 65B

> Opens Sunday-Thursday, from 11:00 to 22:00; Friday and Saturday 12:00 to 23:00

> Metro: Rato

> Insider tip: you can have ice cream on a swing! There are 3 swings inside the shop that are very popular among kids and grownups as well.

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