Viva Viagem Card – Lisbon’s travel card

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We truly believe that Lisbon is best seen on foot.

Despite being the city of the 7 hills and sometimes quite challenging, there’s nothing like walking through the streets, wander from neighbourhood to neighbourhood and reach those places where neither a bus, a tram or the metro can reach.

But if want to take a break from walking all the time or if you wish to go somewhere a bit further from downtown, like Belém or Parque das Nações, all you need to know are these 3 words: Viva Viagem Card.

Viva Viagem - Lisbon's travel card

Viva Viagem Card is Lisbon’s travel card, an electronic ticket that is reloadable and was made especially for non-frequent users.

This little green card costs 0.50€ and can be can be loaded using one of four different systems.


  • Single tickets system:

You can choose to load the card with single tickets, such as the bus/metro ticket (cost of each single ticket: 1.40€). Or you can load a 24h network ticket that allows you to travel by bus/metro (6€) or bus/metro/boat (9€). The only rule is: acard can only be loaded with the same type of tickets.


  • Zapping system:

This is the most flexible way to load your card. You just load it with a predefined amout of money and spend it wherever you want, on a bus ride, on the metro, tram, train or boat. Each journey costs 1.25€, no matter the mean of transportation, so as long as there’s a minimum amout of 1,25€ in your card you are good to go.


  • Traveling all Lisboa:

A ticket that lets you travel by bus, funicular, tram, lift, metro and train during 24h, for 10€. Learn more about Travelling all Lisboa.


  • Traveling all Cacilhas:

Besides the bus, funicular, tram, lift and metro, this ticket lets you take boat to cross the river and go to Cacilhas. It is also valid for 24h and it costs 9€. Learn more about Travelling Cacilhas.


No matter the system you choose, you just have to bear in mind that you can’t switch between systems.

Viva Viagem Card can be purchased and loaded in the metro network, directly from all automatic ticket vending machines or at some ticket offices: Colégio Militar, Jardim Zoológico, Marquês de Pombal, Campo Grande, Baixa-Chiado, Cais do Sodré, Oriente and Aeroporto.

Lear more about Lisbon public transportation network on Transportes de Lisboa website.

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