Travelling all Cacilhas – getting you to the other side of the river

Crossing the river TejoPhoto © Almar Almada

Travelling all Cacilhas is the ticket for you if you want to hop on hop off on the bus, funicular, tram, lift, metro and boat to the other side of the rive Tejo, to Cacilhas.

This ticket is valid during 24 hours, with no limit of trips, and it costs 9€. You can load it on your Viva Viagem Card and you can use it as many times you want in the entire bus and metro networks, as well as in the waterborne (river connection to Cacilhas).

This ticket is not valid in tourist routes or Airport shuttle services.

You can buy it on the metro, bus or boat network.


  • Metro network:

At the automatic ticket vending machines available in all stations but also on the Points of sale in Colégio Militar/Luz, Jardim Zoológico, Marquês de Pombal, Campo Grande, Baixa-Chiado, Cais do Sodré, Oriente and Aeroporto.


  • Bus network:

At Customer Care in Arco do Cego and Santo Amaro. Also at Mob kiosks: Cais do Sodré, Campo Pequeno, Colégio Militar, Lumiar and Praça da Figueira (Casa da Sorte).


  • Boat network:

Ticket offices and automatic ticket vending machines available in Cacilhas and Cais do Sodré river terminals.


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