Casa Pereira – coffee aficionados heaven

Casa Pereira - Lisbon shop

Every town has its timeless shops, that have been around for ages, that you remember from your childhood and where you can return form time to time.

Casa Pereira, a Lisbon shop that sells mainly coffee beans but also tea, biscuits, Porto wine, chocolates, cookies and everything related, is one of those shops.

Located in one of Lisbon’s dearest areas, Chiado, Casa Pereira was born in 1930 founded by a man called José Francisco Pereira. Almost 90 years later, it is still a family business run by its founder widow and a business partner.

The shop kept its charm and the decoration has suffered little or no changes. In fact, it seems time has stopped over there.

The windows showing off some of the best chocolates and finest Porto wines still welcome all customers, the shelfs are still stocked with all sorts of tempting sweets and there still are big recipients filled with coffee beans that give Casa Pereira its unique scent.

Some say the secret of Casa Pereira lies in the fact that up until today they still mix their own blends and create their unique mixes. Some even say that there are special blends that are not on display, you have to ask for them.

We trust their faithful customers, after all there are 3rd generation customers that still buy their coffee over there, but as far as we are concerned, we just love the way we are treated over there, old school style. And being able to pick which coffee we want and see it being weight and grinded right before our eyes is a true privilege.

Most of the products are good buys and can be excellent gifts but believe us, even if you are not a coffee fan, you will surrender yourself.


Casa Pereira

> Rua Garrett, 38

> Monday – Saturday, 9h-19h

> Metro: Baixa Chiado

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