Lisbon’s flea market – Feira da Ladra

Lisbon's flea Market - Feira da LadraPhoto © Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure and the beloved Lisbon’s flea market, Feira da Ladra, proves this to be right.

At Feira da Ladra you can find virtually anything. From vintage clothes, to used books, from an old refrigerator to new electric gear, from antiques to toys, from hand made arts and crafts to the latest novelties and knock-offs made in China.

This flea market happens every Tuesday and Saturday, at Campo de Santa Clara, just between the National Pantheon and the São Vicente de For a Church.

Sellers start preparing their stall, or just laying whatever they have to sell on the ground, by the crack of dawn. First buyers arrive early so if you are looking for some rare item set your alarm clock.

If you want to go there just to browse or for the fun of it, the market is usually up and running until late afternoon, depending on weather conditions and the affluence of people.

Some people believe that Feira da Ladra is actually one of the oldest markets in Lisbon, that keeps existing nowadays.

It started around 1272, on Castelo area, it then moved to Rossio. It survived the daunting Lisbon earthquake in 1755, it happened for a few months on Campo Santana and settled in Campo de Santa Clara, for once and for good, around 1882.

The origin of its name, Feira da Ladra, or something like Thieve’s Market, has never been proved but it most likely came from the fact that thieves around the city would come to this popular market to sell their stolen products.

If someone stole your bike our your car radio it would not be unusual to find it on sale the following market day.

These days Feira da Ladra is a respectful old lady so the thieve’s times are almost gone but the flea market managed to keep its charm.



Feira da Ladra

> Campo de Santa Clara, Lisboa

> Happens every Tuesday and Saturday from around 8:30 until around 18:00

> Insider tip: if you are a bargain lover the best deals are made late in the afternoon, when some sellers just want to get rid off their merchandise.

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