Lusitano Clube – Last call to know one of Lisbon’s oldest clubs

Lusitano Clube, one of Lisbon's oldest clubs in AlfamaPhoto © Lusitano Clube

Lisbon used to have dozens of local clubs, places where people from a neighbourhood would gather to socialize and where sport, cultural, and social events would take place.

These places are part of the city’s history as well as its memories but over the last few decades most of them disappeared.

There are a few still existing and Lusitano Clube is one of them but, sadly, not for long.

Lusitano Clube is located in charming Alfama and celebrated its 111th anniversary just a few days ago.

Despite its most respectful age, Lusitano Clube still plays a very important part in the neighbourhood life, hosting parties, concerts, balls, dance rehearsals, exhibitions, amongst other events and always welcomes you just to have a drink or to play pool or foosball with a group of friends.

The building was recently bought and, in a not so far future, will become a luxury condo, leaving Lusitano Clube homeless in January 2017, so this might be the last chance to pay a visit to one of Lisbon’s oldest clubs.

Nevertheless, Lusitano Clube will keep on swinging until the end and there still is a bunch of events planned to happen, namely a “Roda de Choro” show tonight (Brazilian music show that invites everyone to dance), a samba gathering by Grupo de Samba de Gafieira de Lisboa on December 18, a New Year’s Eve party on December 31st and a concert by the Portuguese band Memória de Peixe on January 7.

Do yourself a favor and don’t miss out this opportunity to visit Lusitano Clube and to have a good time in one of Alfama’s most memorable places, before it is too late.

You can also help Lusitano Clube on their quest for finding a solution for remaining open and welcoming everyone by signing this online petition.

Lusitano Clube, one of Lisbon's oldest clubs in Alfama


Lusitano Clube

> Rua de São João da Praça, 81

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