Traveling back in time – Lisbon’s roman galleries

Photo © Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

Lisbon’s roman galleries are located under Baixa neighbourhood and hidden from the public eye but one of Lisbon’s most popular attractions.

First of all because they are remarkable, dating back to roman times.

Secondly because no one knew they existed until the 18th century, when Lisbon was tragically hit by an enormous earthquake that destroyed almost the entire city. It was only then, during the reconstruction of the city, that lisboners found out that there was a set of roman galleries, almost in pristine conditions.

And last but not least, because these galleries only open about two times a year.

In case you are wondering why such a popular attraction is only available twice a year, it is mainly because the roman galleries help to preserve the structural balance of the block above it and are kept underwater – before being ready to be visited, all the water must be drained which takes several days.

Thousands of people already visited it but thousands more try their luck every time a new opportunity to visit Baixa’s galleries is announced.

The roman galleries are open for visits until tomorrow. This time, and to avoid the traditional queue of people on Rua da Conceição, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and EGEAC decided to make the visits available by reservation, as we announced a few weeks ago. Needless to say, the website crashed and all the places are long gone.

The next time the roman galleries will be open for visits will be in April 2017 so mark it on your calendar.

For those lucky enough to get a place, bring comfortable waterproof shoes and enjoy your travel back in time!



Roman Galleries – Galerias Romanas

> Rua da Prata (entrance usually made by Rua da Conceição)

> Open twice a year. Last opening in 2016: 23-25 September. Next opening: April 2017

> By reservation only (available a few weeks before)

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