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Best shops and markets in Lisbon

Shops, markets, what to buy in Lisbon

Looking for the best shop to buy a present? Wondering where to find that gorgeous handmade notebook? Tired of the same old shops that sell the exact same products, no matter if you are in Lisbon or in London? Look no further! Neighbourly Lisbon will show…
Lisbon restaurants, cafés, snacks, eat in Lisbon

Restaurants, cafés and Lisbon delicacies

It’s no big secret. Portuguese people like to eat an to share their table. They walk the extra mile just to find the perfect meal and they can’t wait to share it with their friends afterwards. Neighbourly Lisbon saves you the trouble and presents you the…
Lisbon events, news, tips

Events, news and useful tips about Lisbon

There is never a dull moment in Lisbon. Come rain or shine there is always something happening so keep up with us and always be on top of all the events in Lisbon, the latest news about the city and the most useful tips to…