Lisbon Airport workers to strike in the last week of December

Lisbon Airport - Aeroporto Humberto DelgadoPhoto © Público

There might be some delays and hiccups at Lisbon Airport between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Security and luggage handling staff is threatening to go on strike from December 27 to December 30, having some impact on the airport’s normal functioning on an already busier than usual time of the year.

If possible, try avoiding travelling on those dates, if not we leave you some piece of advice:

— Get in touch with your air company and ask for guidelines.

— Plan ahead. If you are departing, be at airport earlier than usually recommended to make sure you don’t loose your flight waiting on a line for security check, even if you are travelling only with carry on luggage or if you already made your check-in online.

— Carry with you an extra dose of patience. If you are arriving in Lisbon, think about all the good times that await you. If you are leaving, remember all the nice memories you’ll take with you.


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