7 century old wall found in Graça

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen Belvedere in Graça, LisbonPhoto © Filipe Rocha

Another hidden treasure might have been discovered in Lisbon.

While digging to build a new funicular, that will connect Mouraria neighbourhood to Graça area, construction workers found what seems to be a piece of the old fortified wall from the 14th century, built by Portuguese king D. Fernando between 1373 and 1375.

The archeological findings were discovered near Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen Belvedere, located in Graça, and are beeng analyzed but, according to Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, they belonged indeed to D. Fernando’s wall,

This wall, called “Cerca Fernandina” had 77 towers and 34 doors ant its mission was to protect the 100 hectares area within it.

It was also known as “Cerca Nova” (new wall) since it substituted the previously exiting wall, called “Cerca Velha” (old wall) or “Cerca Moura” (moorish wall) that protected the city of Lisbon for several centuries but, as the city expanded, did no longer protect all the habitants.

It is yet to know what will happen to this new archeological finding but it certainly are existing news.


Lisbon's fortified walls

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