TODOS festival – a cultural meeting point

Todos Festival in LisbonPhoto © Mathieu Pelletier

Lisbon has always been a melting pot and proudly welcomes all cultures, countries and believes.

TODOS is a multi-event cultural festival that tries to promote the gathering of different cultures through contemporary art in several areas, such as music, theatre, dance, photography and new circus.

During 4 days there will be concerts, shows guided visits and talks at Colina de Santana.

The neighbourhood’s squares, gardens, churches, palaces, galleries and even an old deactivated hospital will host performances by artists from Congo, France, Belgium, Angola, Cape Vert, Italy, Morocco, Bulgaria or Mongolia.

Everyone is invited and it is an unique opportunity not only to be surprised by unexpected performances from unknown cultures but also to visit and have access to places and buildings that usually are closed to the public.

The list of places and performances is rather long but you can check at TODOS festival website.


TODOS Festival

> 8-11 September

> Colina de Santana

> Free entrace


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